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 o_o guess im going first >: D

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o_o guess im going first >: D Empty
PostSubject: o_o guess im going first >: D   o_o guess im going first >: D Icon_minitime2010-08-03, 05:46

Meh name is Aurora, commonly known as Aurdra, Aura, Oira, Wowy, Fatty, Dummy, Yellow Elephant and .... (ignore that please : D )
Anyways, Things I like = Manga + Online games. yes. I have no life ( and I'm proud of that >.> ).
Favourite Manga : PANDORA HEARTS FTW!!!!! You just have to love it >: D its AWESOME : )
Favourite Manga Character : Gilbert Nightray~ He's just pure awesome XD XD
Favourite Online Game : LaTale o_o Join the awesome-ness : D : D : D
Favourite Word : Awesome ( as you can see.)
Favourite Phrase : Boredom Dominates~
Favourite Lollies : GUMMY BEARS!!!! o_o sour worms are nice too though.....
Favourite Song : It's currently According to You cuz its like.... the best song fer an AlicexGil AMV xD xD btw just to make this clear; AlicexGil is meh SECOND fav pairing o_o VincexGil is soo much better~
Meh best mate is Annie from Burnside x3 we've been friends fer....... 12 years i think o_o
I have the ability of not thinking in order o_o meaning I skip from one thing to another and back to the first thing so that no one gets what I'm saying lol : )
Subjects I hate : ehm. sorry to say, but it's gotta be careers, English, then P.E. o_o
Sports I do : Rifle shooting & Fencing lol they're pretty fun but I suck at them~
Birthday : 24/07 <- The week before last week o_o
Option subjects : Latin and German. Ditching German next year though >.>
Clubs I'm in : Anime Club o_o <- didnt have to mention that lol. & Chess club : )
I have a feeling I've blabbered too much o_o
Well. I'll be disappearing here~


o_o guess im going first >: D Userbarn
{Boredom Makes People Do Weird Things.}
o_o guess im going first >: D Siggy4lvl90
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o_o guess im going first >: D
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