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 Antonia Furrheart - rp (She will be one of the first evil characters)

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PostSubject: Antonia Furrheart - rp (She will be one of the first evil characters)   2010-09-18, 04:24

Name: Antonia Furrheart
AKA: Tony
Gender: Female
Place of birth: USA

Personality: Antonia used to be bright and always the one who approached first. She used to be playful and funny. But her family tragedy changed her personality. She gets jealous easily nowadays and hates the 3 sisters of fortune. She now has a evil sense of humor and like to put people in trouble. She often gets lost in memories of her past she remembers to be perfect. She is soft towards people who remind her of her family.

History: She was a best friend of Lidia. Her mother perished in a fire 3 years ago and Her father had lost his leg. She have obtained a scar on her shoulder from the accident. Her younger sister is in a mental hospital at the moment by experiencing such turmoil at a young age with autism and hallucinates from now and then. Her memory is shadowed from 13. Their family left because of the fact that the other neighbors seem to blame them. She saw a meteor shower on her way to visit her sister in hospital. Next day she saw her father drinking and wanted that it will be all gone, that moment the whole house on fire. Ironically Antonia obtained a power with fire that ruined her life. The house broke down and her dad wasn’t able to escape. She have gained to many scars to go back to her normal self. On that day decided to take a revenge out on the world. She decided to go to the school and recruit people who have same interest in destroying the world.

Physical information
Physical appearance: She has golden hair with green eye. She has freckles and wears glasses.

Clothing and Armor: something that makes her to look smart

Weapons: Fire

Powers: She can set fire on things anywhere if she wants. No limit to this power except it doesn’t work on snowy day (basically she can’t make fire when it snows)

Bonus section: She place importance to her birthday. Give her a present or surprise party, she’ll forgive you for whatever you have done or at lest go easy on you.
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Antonia Furrheart - rp (She will be one of the first evil characters)
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