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 Ash Glase {TH} rp

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PostSubject: Ash Glase {TH} rp   2010-09-20, 11:35

General Information

Rp TeenHeroes

Name: Ash Glase
AKA: FrozenGlass <-IGN
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Place of Birth: England

Personality: Ash is very secretive. Most of the time. He's the type of person to have a few "close" friends who know almost nothing about him. In front of his friends, he's just your normal everyday dude that's interested in games, girls, and sports. Even if he does seem to be on the slightly dorky side. In front of his mother, he's silent but he does what he's told. Not everything she'd ever wished for, but better than most other kids his age. When he's alone though, he's the hacker that's invincible. He's also the support force behind Rachel and Freya during RTS games. To him, Freya and Rachel are like his little sisters and so he now has the habit of taking care of people younger than him.

History: Ash is a mixed-blood child. His father was Japanese but his mother was English. Ash grew up in Japan but when he was 8, his mother broke up with his father because of financial problems, and then he was taken back to England. Ash used to be bullied in Japan because of his blue eyes, so going to England was like a new start for him. Ash learnt how to hack when he was 9. He had already started computer programming before he came to england, and then one day, he realised that to him, hacking wasn't hard at all. After living 2 years in England, his mother decided to get remarried. He didn't like his new dad and he didn't like his 3 older step-sisters either. The step-sisters kept treating him like a younger sister because of his looks, and his step-dad always seemed to glare at him. Perhaps it was because of his step-sisters' torments that Ash began wearing the huge glasses that covered up his face. The glasses arent actually for correcting eyesight, they were created for decoration. Ash first met Rachel and Freya online when he was 12. They've been online game buddies for 4 years now. As he grew up, Ash began to look less like a child. His step-sisters stopped treating him like a female when he was 14 and he was glad for that. 8 months after Ash turned 15, he was in his room hacking into the computer of a guy that kept on sending viruses to people. He looked up that night and saw the meteor shower. A few months later, Ash's step-dad came home drunk one night and began to hit whatever came into sight. Ash saw him hitting his mother and so he tried to stop his step-dad by whacking him in the head. It was at that precise moment that his step-sisters opened the door, and seeing their father lying unconcious on the ground and Ash's mother sitting in the corner all beat up, they began blaming Ash. Being unable to stand their false accusations, he kept trying to tell them that the step-dad was the one who had injured his mother first but they just wouldn't listen. So then it happened. Ash 'wished' that they could see what had actually happened and all of a sudden, they did. Ash had 'uploaded' his memory into his step-sisters' minds and then they all went quiet. A few days after that, Ash got sent to the school and he hasn't had any contact with his family for the past few months.

Physical Information

Visual Appearance: will be updated soon.

Physical Appearance: Ash has black hair and bright blue eyes. He's quite tall and he's also pretty skinny. His hair is often cut by himself so the parts he can reach are short and sometimes spikey, but the parts where he cant are slightly longer. He has two earrings on one ear and none on the other. His bangs usually cover them up though.

Clothing and Armor: A shirt under an oversized jersey with jeans. Don't forget the huge glasses.

Weapons: His computer?

Power: Ash has the ability transmit data to anyone's brain. The person who is receiving the data must be within 5 meters of Ash however, if they have a cellphone with bluetooth/infrared, Ash can hack into the cellphone and transmit the data from there.

Bonus Section: His favourite food is pizza.



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Ash Glase {TH} rp
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