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 Anastasia [TH]

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General Information


Name: Anastasia -------
AKA: -----
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Unknown

Personality: On the outside Anastasia appears to be quite a easy-going person. Handling every situation with a practised patience.
But that is all a façade.
In reality, Anastasia is jealous, attention seeking and as cunning as a fox. She can turn on you on an instant, it would be ill advised to tell her anything that could be used as blackmail. But most people chose to ignore this advice. In her façade she seems a person who would rather die than betray a friend.

But she has done a lot worse than just break someone’s heart.

History: Anastasia was born into a family with 13 children. She has 7 blood related siblings and 5 that are adopted. Anastasia’s mother was uneducated, as her whole female lineage had been. She had married to first man who offered and had as many children as she could as that was what her mother had taught her to do. Anastasia was born somewhat in the middle of her family, either number 4 or 5. She was never acknowledged as a child . Her passion had always been one thing, art. As a five year old she had brought home every finger-painting she did in her run down little school, hoping her mother, or her father, if he was home, would tell her she was the best painter in the world.
Her father never stayed at home and always fought with her mother, so she never got to see him. He was bad with all the children, beating them up for the smallest excuse. But still she believed that somewhere in his heart he loved her.
Whenever Anastasia brought home a painting her mother would nod and set it down on the table before tending to another child. At first Anastasia thought that this meant that she would look at them after she had tended to her other brothers and sisters. But one day, when it was her turn to take the trash out she saw all her paintings, all untouched, in the rubbish. She was angry. Anger that was as deep as an adults was in her small, five year old mind.
After that she was never the same. Anastasia began to hate her parents, hoping that would gain their attention of her. But they treated her the same. Through her 16 years of life Anastasia tried many tactics to gain their attention; hunger strikes, running away, setting the house on fire… you name it. But no matter what she did, her parents just nodded and pretended that she didn’t exist. Anastasia had had enough.
She had seen the way her mother had treated her youngest blood-sibling. She was her last child. 'Try' as she might she could have no more children. So she began to adopt. Yet the youngest child always got her mother’s attention
Anastasia began to hate that child, intentionally telling him to do things that would get it into trouble. Deadly trouble.
But somehow that child managed to survive.
Anastasia was filled with hate and taking a midnight walk when that ill-fated meteor shower appeared.
The next day strange thoughts of murder began creeping into her mind.
Secretly she had figured that she could turn into any animal she touched, like in those animorphs books that she used to enjoy reading.
One day, she offered to take that child into the forest.
She returned home later, carrying the child's body in her hands.
"There was a wolf..." they were the only words she would say.
Her mother fell into a depression but her father had a vague idea of what happened, due to the power he had gained, the ability to sense lies.
Knowing she couldn't get away with it Anastasia ran off to the near town and took a train to the school for 'gifted' teenagers like her, hiding as a mouse onboard

Physical Information

Physical Appearance:Skinny is the first word that comes to mind when you first see Anastasia. She isn’t skinny because of her body type, but because she is mostly emaciated. Her hair is a dull sandy brown and her eyes are as black as night. Her eyes can appear sometimes as a warm, dark brown but most of the time they are a hard, cold black.

Clothing and Armor: Hand-me-down clothes. All of them.

Weapons One knife, a deer hunter’s one she nicked off her father. Like this one ;

Powers Anastasia has the power to turn into any animal. Well, one’s that’s DNA she has. Sometimes she doesn’t like her power, as it will probably lead to her being called Animorph. But at other times, she loves it. She has a lot of woodland animal DNA as her father was a hardcore hunter and she had to help her mother prepare the meat. One time he even brought back a wolf’s body. Her favourite form right now is a wolf. She turns into a black wolf with amber eyes.

Bonus Section: Anastasia is very vengeful…

((Side note: Anastasia will not appear until a bit later into the rp. Only small glimpses of an emaciated girl/wolf are permitted right now))
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Anastasia [TH]
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