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 Laptops Anyone?

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Do you have a laptop?
I is your saviour!!!!
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I have one but I'm just like Aurora here with parents that would make me disappear from the face of the earth.
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I have one but even though i cant bring it, my parents aren't that cruel >.>
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you. lucky. people. GIVE ME A LAPTOP T_T
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PostSubject: Laptops Anyone?   2010-10-18, 05:33

So far, from what I heard (Might've twisted information in my mind cuz i do that but.), We can use Mrs. Boyd's room for our room unless there's a tutorial o.o so we now just need a laptop that we can use to play stuff o.o I have a laptop. thing is if it leaves the house, I would be dead the next day and you'd lose the most annoying person on earth a perhaps, not-so-good friend.
So right now, we can still decide to buy that USB thing, or if someone has a laptop and wont end up like me when their parents find that its not there during the day, we can settle down in Mrs Boyd's room.
When we settle, Posters go up! and then we wouldnt have to run around every where trying to find the room that does not exist. ( Someday i might just write "Anime club in T503")
So yeah, I'm hoping that one of you guys can help?



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Laptops Anyone?
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