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 :~Please read before suggesting~:

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:~Please read before suggesting~: Empty
PostSubject: :~Please read before suggesting~:   :~Please read before suggesting~: Icon_minitime2010-08-01, 11:19

Rule 1)Please do not suggest an anime with more than 30 episodes as it will take us forever to finish them.

Rule 2) The anime you are suggesting must not include any kind of hentai/ecchi scene (pornographic contents) for obvious reasons.

Rule 3)The title of the thread should include the name of the anime you're suggesting. I highly suggest that you make a poll thread, but this is optional.

If you are making a poll thread:
  • If you're suggesting one anime, please make sure to add these two poll options: Yes & No

  • If you're going to suggest more than 1 anime in one thread, please make sure to put the names of the anime you're suggesting as poll options. Yes and No options are not required.

  • You may create maximum of 2 threads suggesting anime per day. More than 3 threads a day will be labeled as spamming and the threads will be deleted with a warning.

Rule 4) A list of all the anime we have watched/will be watching is here. Please check this list before suggesting.

-We accept anime OVAs or movies.



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:~Please read before suggesting~:
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