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 How to get an rp started

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PostSubject: How to get an rp started   2010-09-11, 02:43

Just so people know.

  1. Post an idea in the Roleplaying ideas thread.

[list=2][*]Put a plot idea in the Plot ideas thread. [/list]
[list=3][*]Contact me/DIY and get me/you to set up a poll/anouncement to see how many people are interested. [/list]
[list=4][*]Once you have your numbers decide on the plot you will use and start creating characters for the rp in the Character Creation! thread. [/list]
    Set up a thread for your rp like so, [RP]{*type of rp here*} *Official name of rp here* So if it was a cat rp called meow it would look like this : [RP] {Cat} Meow

I might add more steps once we have at least one rp going...
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How to get an rp started
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