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 [VOCALOID]Dark Woods Circus series [Horror 8D]

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[VOCALOID]Dark Woods Circus series [Horror 8D] Empty
PostSubject: [VOCALOID]Dark Woods Circus series [Horror 8D]   [VOCALOID]Dark Woods Circus series [Horror 8D] Icon_minitime2010-09-28, 03:08

The DWC is pretty famous so I thought I might upload it here just cuz. :D

Story 1: Steel Caged Princess

Story 2: Midnight Madness

Story 3: Dark Woods Circus

Story 4: Blue Ice Castle

Story 5: Red Swamp Bottom

Story 6: Guard and Scythe


+A circus like the one in Dark Woods Circus actually did exist in Japan in... which era was it again.
But anyway, it did exist. They used to have a little hole to look at those people who were mutated, etc.
And no, don't search for pictures because they're really... hard to uh... take in...that such thing existed. >.>



Most amazing quote from Axel to Roxas:
"You're coming with me - conscious or not."
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[VOCALOID]Dark Woods Circus series [Horror 8D]
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