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 Ocean Sheppard [Superhero rp]

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General Information

Superhero Rp

Name: Ocean Sheppard
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Place of Birth: Greece

Personality: Ocean is not one who you would call optimistic. Neither is she pessimistic though. Ocean is somewhere in between the two extremes, always thinking over a situation and coming up with the pros and cons of a decision before going through with it. She hates her name and once she’s old enough may opt to change it.
Ocean is not always truthful. In fact, she always lies. Lying has become quite a bad habit for her, and one that’s hard to break. She can create intricate and completely believable lies in a second if asked to do so. Just because she lies doesn’t mean she isn’t truthful. You can trust her with anything.
Because of her past Ocean has learnt how to steal things. Her hands are quick and almost invisible. Wallets are her specialty though watches come to a close second. Ocean isn’t very brains smart but she is very, very street smart. She knows how to get out of a tight situation.
Ocean also has a hot temper. She gets angry easily and never trusts anyone. She is somewhat of a rebel, never taking the rules seriously and always coming up with ways to break them.
A cunning character, Ocean never lets anyone get the better of her.

History: Ocean was born in Greece because her mother wanted it to be so. Her mother was always a free spirit, never doing anything that she was told and making up dramatic ideas on a whim. When she realised she was pregnant she immediately went to Greece to give birth to Ocean, for no other reason than she could.
Because she was also born during her mother’s hippie phase, she gave her a nature name, a name she has come to hate. They lived in Greece for a little bit, around 3 months, until her mother got ‘bored’ of the beautiful beaches and views and decided to take her daughter all around the world. Ocean was forced to tag along, becoming shifty of making new friends as she figured they’d move away soon enough and never see them again. They never stayed in one place for more than 5 months. Her mother could barely afford to travel all the time. She had made her fortune by repairing old houses but her savings were running out when Ocean was around 10. More than often Ocean missed meals. One day, at school she accidentally babbled her whole life story to her form teacher. That teacher called social services and before she knew it, Ocean was put into a foster home.
Ocean hated her new parents. They were nice, almost too nice. They had taken in around 20 other kids before her but Ocean didn’t trust them. Eventually she was thrown out and put back into the system. By the time she was 13 she had been in over 16 foster homes. It was then she was forced to live in the orphanage. Angry with the world she packed up her stuff and ran away.
Ocean travelled the country, picking up odd jobs whilst lying about her age the whole way. She made a living by either working or stealing. She remained homeless the whole time, sleeping in local forests, deciding she would rather take on a bear than be around the creepy hobos. She was outside camping when the meteor shower came. It was her birthday, making her 14. Slowly she began to notice she had… powers. It was all over the news. Once she heard about the school and its policy of accepting everyone Ocean hopped on the next free bus, figuring that it would be nice to have a roof and food.

Physical Information

Physical Appearance: Ocean has blue eyes that are, ironically the same deep colour of that of Greek seas. Her hair is less amazing though, a shaggy brown boy cut that often gets her confused for a guy. She is of average height though of slim build. Her fingers are long and delicate, capable of easily stealing watches from wrists without the participant becoming aware. She has no tattoos; they would make her too recognisable. Her left ear has 3 studs whilst her right ear has 4.

Clothing and Armor: Ocean carries with her her pack. Inside it are her spare clothes and other bits. She mainly wears her cargo pants but has a pair of short shorts and jeans as well. She mainly wears plain T-shirts and/or plain long tops. She is always found wearing a short brown trench coat.

Weapons Ocean is very useful with knives and a lighter. She is a bit of an arsonist and isn’t very afraid to play with fires.

Powers Ocean has the ability to make people follow her commands. At the moment it is hard for her to make it work. She can simple speak simple commands ‘Come over here’ ‘Go away’ but when she wants to state anything over three steps ‘Wake up at 7 in the morning, get dressed, brush your teeth then step in front of a bus’ she has to sing it in order for her ‘spell’ to work.

Bonus Section: Her power will in no doubt leave her with the nickname ‘Siren’ as in Greek mythology they are half-human half-bird creatures who lure sailors to their deaths via their song.

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Ocean Sheppard [Superhero rp]
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